Top 10 Cute Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

Let’s face it: Going out with a nice hairstyle can really boost our confidence and make our day! There is really something special in leaving our home with hair so shiny and good looking. For some, that means leaving our hair as it is, long, short or whatever the size, and for some, it means having some unique hairstyle. In this article the ideas are all about those braids: French, Dutch, Waterfall – you name it. For more detailed instructions on how to do them, check out the links provided. But, you should know that if this is something new to you, it will take you time to make a beautiful braid. Don’t give up, just keep braiding and enjoy the hairstyle you did by yourself.

1. Boho Side Braid

boho side braidvia

This hairstyle will be awesome for summer days when it’s so hot and all you want to do is to have your hair somewhere aside, so that it won’t hold the heat. Plus, a little boho style is always so chic! You need hair tie, hairspray, dry shampoo and a teasing comb. If you want your braid to have more volume, than use the teasing comb before you start doing the braid; if your hair is just washed and too soft for a hairstyle you might need to use

2. Half Up Fishtail

half up fishtailvia

The half up fishtail hairstyle is definitely one of the cutest and romantic hairstyles a girl can have. It isn’t the easiest one to make, since it requires skills on knowing how to actually make a fishtail braid, but with carefully following the instructions given in the video tutorial, you will surely make it. The basic hair tool for the half up fishtail braid are the bobby pins, but if your hair has more volume, than it might be a good idea to use hair ties as well.

3. Milkmaid Braid

milkmaid braidvia

The milkmaid braid is such a classic braided hairstyle! It’s really easy and you’ll have a unique hairstyle in no time. Create two pigtails braids and loosen them a little bit. Pull one of the braids of the top of the head and secure it with bobby pins at the base, in the middle and at the end of the braid. Repeat the same with the other pigtail braid. Tuck each braid’s end under the other and secure with bobby pins again. If you want moremessy hairstyle, just pull out small hair pieces and hair spray them.

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