Eye Shadow Guide for Any Color Eyes!

What color shadows are best for my eyes?
If you have ever wondered the above question like I have many times? Then continue reading for the answer! There are so many shades of eye shadows out there and there are specific shades that compliment each eye color to make your eyes pop!
Blue eyes, oh my!
Blue is a cool tone so matched up with warmed toned shadows will make blue eyes stand out best.The best colors to compliment blue eyes are:

  1. Golds
  2. Bronze
  3. Coppers
  4. Champagnes
  5. Browns

With any color of eyes, I find it is always best to use the lightest shades on the inside of the lid and use the darker on the outside to give beautiful definition! Like shown in the photo.

Brown eyes, that’s nice!
I always thought that brown eyes have the hardest time matching shadows to compliment the color, however from my research I found that brown eyes actually have the most variety with matching colors because brown is neutral. The best eye shadow colors to use on brown eyes include:

  1. Bronze
  2. Pinks
  3. Purples
  4. Navy
  5. Teal
  6. Green

For brown eyes, use lighter colors so that there is not too much dark because of your brown eyes. I found that whites and champagnes also make brown eyes look bigger. Here is a link for shadow that enhances brown eyes!  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Physicians-Formula-Shimmer-Strips-Shadow-Liner-bronzed-brown-/271505082543?pt=US_Makeup_Eyes&hash=item3f36f6c8af

Green eyes, despise!
I find green eyes the most intriguing for some reason. The best eye shadow colors to make green eyes pop are:

  1. Purples
  2. Pinks
  3. Rust

Here is a palette that is especially for green eyes!  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Physicians-Formula-Shimmer-Strips-Eye-Enhancing-Shadow-Liner-2221-GREEN-Eyes-/161312283121?pt=US_Makeup_Eyes&hash=item258ef619f1

Hazel eyes, the best of all worlds!
Hazel eyes have a range of tones; they’re somewhere between green and brown and often have specks of gold and gray that grant them a natural radiance. You can use a variety of eye shadows colors to make hazel eyes pop! Some shades include:

  1. Pinks
  2. Purples
  3. Burgundy
  4. Yellow-Brown

I hope you found this guide useful! :)

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